Bike tours of Moscow

There is a variety of sightseeing programs for tourists who want to see Moscow and to visit the most interesting places.

The choice is really wide: there are options for walking tours, bus tours, some people prefer boat trips in the city centre, but most travellers get acquainted with the sights of the capital by themselves, taking advantage of the subway or taxi.

Yet there is another and the best option — the bicycle tour across Moscow,
which is navigated by our experienced instructors.
Bike Tours allow to see architectural monuments, famous houses, fountains, interesting places personally, rather than through the bus or car window. You would ride fast as the wind through famous streets, wonderful parks and central squares.
We are confident that it will be an unforgettable journey that you will
remember with a special affection for the bike tour passes on a lot of emotions and experiences!
Why is it better to travel with us?
New bikes

We provide tourists with new urban bikes
and riding them is a pure pleasure.

Make your tour

We individually make up the tour with a tourist: you can choose standard routes or select places you want to visit.

History and culture

Our instructors know the history of Moscow and they can tell you fascinating, unusual and interesting stories, you will learn a lot about the culture, customs and architecture. We often organize bicycle tours and excursions not only for tourists but also for Muscovites.

Almost any weather

We provide guided tours in almost any weather: of course, if it is raining cats and dogs, poor visibility because of hail or a strong blizzard that can blow cyclist with the bicycle away, we don't go to the routes. In all other cases, bike tours are on: just get dressed for the weather, arm yourself with a good mood and hit the road with us!

It is interesting

We provide guided tours in English, Russian and Spanish. Our sense of humour knows no language boundaries and we are certain to find common ground with tourists of all ages, nationalities and social status as all the information is delivered in an easy manner and it's nothing like boring lectures from history textbooks.

Any number of stops

Our instructors ride across Moscow every day, they know all bikeways and main routes so that they will navigate you through the best places. You can make any number of stops: get impressions, take pictures - you are not limited by anything, we are not in a hurry during the bike tours (this is an important advantage over the bus and walking tours, which are strictly time scheduled and there are just a few minutes to see monuments).

All inclusive

All inclusive: bike rental (chosen individually) and guide escort. Please note that we provide a 15% discount for the seniors, students and children.

Adress: Moscow, Luzhnetskaya embankment,
house 24 building 5
Phone: +7 (495) 540-55-06 Every day from 10 till 21
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We do advise to book the tour in advance for the date of your choice: our bike tours are very popular; sometimes we have a “red-ink booking” one week in advance, so you’d better to pre-book the time.

Payment for bike tour can be done by credit card or in cash on the day of the tour as well as before the scheduled date.

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Now let us have a look at our
main routes:
Moscow Parks Guided Tour.

An interesting and intense program for tourists who like fresh air, fountains, beautiful avenues, hills, ponds and lush green areas.

All of Moscow's parks are made ready for biking and you would not have to overcome obstacles, rocky trailways and make extra effort for the passage of clayey roads.

US$50 per person(>3 persons)
US$80 per person(< 3 persons)
4 hours
Main route:

Gorky Park - Peter the Great Statue - Neskuchny Garden - Sparrow Hills - Luzhniki - Sparrow Hills Observation Platform - Moscow State University - Novodevichy Convent - Church of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki - Christ the Savior Cathedral - Alexander Gardens.

Moscow at night.

A fascinating journey for those who fancy night-lights, high speeds and the beauty of the night sky. Moscow in the evening attracts cyclists and many take to the routes only at nightfall because, firstly, there are fewer pedestrians on sidewalks (which allows to ride at a higher speed), and secondly, night roads are totally different after the sunset.

US$50 per person(>3 persons)
US$80 per person(< 3 persons)
4 hours
Main route:

Bolotnaya Square - Peter the Great Statue - Sparrow Hills - Neskuchny Garden - embankment of the Moscow River - Luzhniki – Observation platform - Novodevichy Convent - White House - Ministry of Foreign Affairs –Old Arbat - Gogol Boulevard - Christ the Savior Cathedral - Patriarchal bridge.

Moscow grand cycling tour.

Do you want to see all the major attractions, parks, ponds, fountains, architectural masterpieces, unique skyscrapers of Moscow City, historical monuments, to plunge into the history and see the present day potentialities of the city?

If so, then you should go on the grand cycling tour that will gift you many experiences and allow you to see the places Moscow is so famous for. We are sure you will remember much of what you will have seen and in the future, you will go through the photos taken during this bicycle tour only with pleasure.

US$50 per person(>3 persons)
US$80 per person(< 3 persons)
4 hours
Main route:

Red Square - Saint Basil's Cathedral - Bolshoi Theater - Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building - Boulevard Ring - Clean Ponds - Sretensky Monastery - Patriarch's Ponds - Ostozhenka - Old Arbat - Novodevichy Convent - Luzhniki - Sparrow Hills - Moscow State University - Neskuchny Garden - Gorky Park - Muzeon - Christ the Savior Cathedral - Peter the Great Statue.

From dusk till dawn bike tour.

See off the day at sunset and greet the dawn at the most exciting venues in Moscow where stunning views open over the city. The very first and the last rays of the sun illuminate the capital quite out of the ordinary, and therefore some cyclists go for a ride at twilight or early in the morning. You also have the opportunity to witness two unique events: falling asleep and waking up of the city. Well, actually even late at night Moscow is constantly on the move, but of course, it's not the same as during the day.

The main point for cyclists is the absence of pedestrians on sidewalks that allows for any speed and racing on the roads at night without any problems. In the city centre cafes and cosy street restaurants are welcomingly open all the time and we can pop in to any place our liking to take a rest, have a coffee or a bite.

US$50 per person(>3 persons)
US$80 per person(< 3 persons)
4 hours
Main route:

Red Square - KGB - Peter the Great Statue - Bolotnaya Square - Sparrow Hills - Observation platform - Novodevichy Convent - Cathedral of Christ the Savior - White House - Patriarch's Ponds - Tverskaya street - Arbat and, optionally, night bookstore "Moscow", bars, cafes, etc.

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